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Volunteer to Coach Snowflake* KidSki* 2023!

Snowflake KidSki is looking for fun and enthusiastic coaches to help make magic happen this winter! Did you know, high school and college skiers are the kids’ favorites? Did you know Jessie Diggins started her career in a youth ski program just like Snowflake KidSki? Coaches are the most important volunteer position in KidSki. We have

KidSki* 2023 Information Posted

Information about the 2023 KidSki* program can be found on the KidSki page, including dates/times and details about ski rentals.Related: missing girl in calgary today, graspp se cippoe, hwy 2 accident sultan, wa today, concurso da polícia militar 2022, hotel mumbai survivors baby, apartment permai tropicana room for rent, baixar aplicativo de língua portuguesa, quién


Hello Skiers, I hope that you enjoyed “the other seasons” and, like me, are looking forward to the return of Winter, Snow, and the Ski Season! We’ve been working on trail maintenance and improvement all summer, hosted quite a few campers, and performed maintenance & repairs to our grooming equipment. ‘Gotta be ready for that

Volunteer for Snowflake* Kidski* 2022!

We’re looking for coaches and volunteers! Snowflake is a nonprofit that relies on many volunteers to keep our trails and programs up and running smoothly. Please take a minute to read through the following options and fill out our KidSki 2022 Volunteer Form. We are seeking volunteers for the following positions: We are looking for enthusiastic coaches who are

2022 Kidski* Form Available Now!

Hi Folks, The 2022 Snowflake* Kidski* registration form is now available on the website as a downloadable pdf and also at this link!. More information regarding the program to follow. Think Snow!Related: ann fleischer kissinger, how to get sharpness 5 from a villager, where is purdue university global located, port of seattle parking promo code,


Hello Skiers, I hope that you enjoyed “the other seasons” and, like me, are looking forward to the return of Winter, Snow, and the Ski Season! I delayed posting this update as I was waiting for confirmation of some exciting news (read on), but first a quick look at the 2020/21 Season…   Our first

Snowflake Camping 2021

We will be open for Camping beginning Thursday, 20 May 21, and will remain open for Camping until we receive groomable snow on the ski trails. Covid Precautions and Protocols, which are posted at the chalet, require only common sense, courtesy, and that you disinfect the bathroom/shower using the material provided after use. Duluth has