Snowflake KidSki is looking for fun and enthusiastic coaches to help make magic happen this winter! Did you know, high school and college skiers are the kids’ favorites? Did you know Jessie Diggins started her career in a youth ski program just like Snowflake KidSki?

Coaches are the most important volunteer position in KidSki. We have an easy to use curriculum with daily lesson plans for each level. Coaches ages 16+ will be paired with another coach to have fun in the snow with a group of 8-10 skiers. Assistant coaches, ages 12-15, will help ensure kids are having fun and keep the crew together out on the trails.

Dates, times, and attendance: Snowflake KidSki begins on Sunday Jan 8th at 1:30, and continues each Sunday, 2:00 – 3:30, through Feb 12th, at Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (February 19th as a snow/cold day). Coaches are asked to be on-site from 1:45-3:45 each week (1:00-3:45 on the first week, January 8th). While the kids love it when their favorite coach is there every week, we understand you may have to miss a week or two throughout the 6 week session- happy to work with your schedule!

Interested? Please fill out this Google Form so we’re able to reach out with more information.

Questions? Please contact Emily Ranta, KidSki Coordinator, at or 651-230-2025.

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