Snowflake has always permitted Members to bring their dog onto the trails.

This privilege is popular with Member Dog-Owners because we are the only ski trail in town that does not prohibit dogs. Allowing dogs on the trails does damage the grooming and requires that we groom more frequently. Damaged trails, especially Classic tracks, diminish the ski experience for non-dog-owners, so we groom more often in an attempt to please everyone.

Last season was the worst season of “responsible dog ownership on the trails” that I’ve seen in 9 years as Manager. We saw skiers with 3 dogs, off-leash trotting down new classic tracks; off-leash dogs running well out of sight/control of the owners; several members contacted me about off-leash dogs chasing, charging, or barking at them and, in one case, knocking a skier down! This can not continue, so we have revised the “Dog Policy” at Snowflake, beginning this season, as follows:

  1. Only Season Pass Members may bring their dog to Snowflake.
  2. Dogs must be on a leash or lead at all times, No loose dogs.
  3. A member-skier  may bring 1 dog on the trails at a time.
  4. We are establishing “Dog Days” in order to provide fresh and dog-free trails to our (majority) non-dog-members. We plan to schedule grooming around the “Dog Days”, providing the freshest trail grooming to skiers-only, on “No Dog” days.
  5. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be “No Dog” days.
  6. Member Dog-Owners may bring their dog onto the property/trails on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. These are our “Dog Days.”
  7. As always, dogs will be prohibited or restricted when the weather/trail conditions dictate, in order to preserve the trails for skiers.

We groom and maintain our trails for our Member Skiers. Bringing a dog is a privilege. We continue to welcome responsible Member Dog-Owners, who understand that the privilege of skiing with their dog must not be enjoyed at the expense of our fellow members.