2022/23 was a good ski season for us. First snow fell on 11-15 November, we did our first grooming on the 15th, and had all trails Skate-groomed on November 18th. Trails were skateable until the 24th. Snow came back on the 1st of December and we groomed our first classic track on the 7th. Too much snow for a few days in December, but the record-setting winter kept the trails skiable into April.

Summer/Autumn trail work has focused on cutting-down and removing dead and leaning trees that threaten to fall on the trails, and cutting-back saplings that will lean into the trail under a heavy load of snow (as happened last December). We now have an enormous pile of brush in the lower lot, waiting to be chipped by Rick’s Tree Service, then returned to the trails next summer.

Spring, Summer, and Autumn storms and wind have played some havoc with our 3K lighted loop – our mature popple/aspens are a continual problem – but we will be restoring the lights over the coming few weeks, as the ground dries and firms-up enough to take heavy equipment out.

Unfortunately, our planned “Phase 3” installation of lights on the remaining 2 km of “Jane’s 5K” (that’s the 6K minus Special K, for newcomers) is delayed until next year. Our electrical contractor has re-organized and downsized, and could not take-on the job this year. If you’ve tried to find electricians recently, you understand that they are in high demand and short supply.

We had a lot of issues involving dogs last season. Conflicts between dogs and skiers, loose dogs on the trails, a few dog-owners not exercising control of their dog(s), destruction of freshly groomed trails, even altercations between skiers…. In keeping with George and Jane Hovland’s vision, we don’t want to ban dogs, but we must be considerate of the majority membership who do not bring dogs. The “New Dog Policy” is posted on the website. Everyone should read it before sending-in their 2023/24 membership.

Inflation, higher gas prices, new electrical rates, and an increase in our property taxes have raised our operating expenses. We hope to offset the impact by more efficient grooming and cutting the trail lights off at 9 pm instead of 10 pm. In any event, we will NOT be raising membership prices, they will remain the same as last year.

If you’re reading this post, the downloadable 2023/24 Season Membership form should be posted. “Early Bird” pricing is available until 30 November, and received by 3 December. It’s a substantial savings. Membership forms will also be available at the chalet. Membership payments may only be made via check (preferred) or cash.

KidSki 2023 was a smashing success, with a record number of participants. KidSki 2024 registration will be done online, with information coming from Emily Ranta, our Snowflake KidSki Coordinator. Please note that KidSki tuition payments go to a separate operating account and your Season membership must be paid separately.