In order to deconflict our “Dog Days” with the Boulder Lake Ski Trails’ dog days, we have revised our policy as follows. This change will afford Member Dog owners 3 days of skiing at Snowflake, and Sundays and Thursdays at Boulder Lake.

  1. Only Season Pass Members may bring their dog to Snowflake.
  2. Dogs must be on a leash or lead at all times, No loose dogs.
  3. A member-skier  may bring 1 dog on the trails at a time.
  4. We are establishing “Dog Days” in order to provide fresh and dog-free trails to our (majority) non-dog-members. We plan to schedule grooming around the “Dog Days”, providing the freshest trail grooming to skiers-only, on “No Dog” days
  5. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday will be “No Dog” days.
  6. Member Dog-Owners may bring their dog onto the property/trails on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. These are our “Dog Days”,
  7. As always, dogs will be prohibited or restricted when the weather/trail conditions dictate, in order to preserve the trails for skiers.

We groom and maintain our trails for our Member Skiers. Bringing a dog is a privilege. We continue to welcome responsible Member Dog-Owners, who understand that the privilege of skiing with their dog must not be enjoyed at the expense of our fellow members.