I apologize for the delay in getting KidSki 2021 organized and sign-ups available. The Governor’s orders regarding Covid / Public Health protocols of 18 November pushed my timeline to “down the road”, and we have been awaiting the policy update of this week. To illuminate how this affects KidSki, consider that building closures or occupancy restrictions will affect use of the chalet, thus having a warming area for the kids. Group size limits affect the number of Coaches required, and the number of kids we can accommodate. High school sports restrictions will affect the number of Coaches that the East HS Nordic, and Marshall Nordic teams can provide. Lots of consequences.

That said, we are committed to providing a fun, quality, and safe KidSki program this season. We are finalizing the newly revised plan, but can provide the following info:

  1. The chalet will not be available for KidSki, due to Occupancy Restrictions. This means that the entire lesson will be outside, with groups mustering in well-distanced meeting-points around the chalet/sledding hill.
  2. Lack of a warming facility means that we have set a Lower Age Limit of 5 years old, for this season. Experience shows that the youngest kids are most susceptible to getting cold and needing to be brought in to warm-up.
  3. The cut-off low-temperature/wind-chill limit will be higher than in previous years, due to lack of the chalet for warming.
  4. Kids will need to be at their group meeting-point dressed, geared-up, and ready to start the lesson at the appointed Start-Time.
  5. Parents will need to be at Snowflake ready to fetch their kids at the announced End-Time, because there will be no chalet for the kids to wait and warm-up.
  6. Because we anticipate a cap on our capacity, First Priority for participation will go to Season Members.
  7. The program will not begin until Sunday, 10 January at the earliest, and most likely on Sunday 17 January. We still plan a six week program.

Once we have finished organizing the program, downloadable sign-up forms will be posted on the website, and I will post an announcement on our telephone (218-726-1550), our Instagram account (Snowflakeduluth), and at Skinnyski.com.

We will also have a dedicated gmail account, to be posted at that time, so that you may email your commitment pending receipt of your registration forms.

The Covid situation has been an inconvenience, at best, to all of us, so I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as we do the best we can to pull-off KidSki 2021.

Think Snow!