Absolutely, Yes! We have been maintaining and improving the trails since June, and will complete the last milestones in pre-season preparation by the end of October. Gotta be ready for a Halloween snowstorm! After that, we wait for Mother Nature’s gift, though I’d prefer she not send 21 inches all at once.

We promise that once we get a groomable amount of snow on the trails, we will provide the best groomed trails that we can. As always, we’ll open the 5K and Special K (they form the marked 6K beginner/intermediate trail), and then the 8K (formerly but never really the 10K) intermediate/difficult trail. Then, the 1K Kids’ Loop, and once the ice is safe, the Oval.



DNSC Memberships/Snowflake Season Passes for the 2019/20 season are now available for download*, and will also be available at the Chalet beginning Monday, October 19th.

We have kept the prices the same, despite a substantial decline in off-season camping revenues. 

“Early Bird” pricing (a substantial discount) will be available throughout November. 

Download, read, and fill out the form, mail it with your payment, or drop it in the payment box at the chalet, and you are a member/season pass holder!

Early Bird priced applications must be received by December 2nd!

Your membership is effective as soon as you mail your payment.  Members are required to sign-in at the chalet before skiing, and that’s all. Memberships will be entered into our database for communications and to verify eligibility for other Member benefits. We don’t share info outside of Snowflake.

*We are having website problems, and are unable to post the 2020/21 Membership form! For now, you may dowload and send the 2019/20 form. Prices did not change this season.



Barring the imposition of Draconian government measures, we will provide groomed trails and they will be open to Members, 7 days a week from 8:00- 8:00. 

Access to the Chalet, while complying with mandated and common-sense protocols, will depend upon the Covid situation. Mask-wearing will be required inside the chalet, and protocols for using the bathrooms are posted throughout the building. Social-distancing should be second nature, by now.

The worst-case circumstance will be that the trails are groomed-and-open to Members Only, and the chalet is closed. 

I see the “best-case” situation being that the chalet is open, but Capacity-Limited. Historically, that would mean that on Monday-Friday, folks skiing between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. would find it safe and comfortable to use the chalet. With high-school practice between 3:30 and 6 p.m. the chalet would be restricted to transient use by the team. The chalet would then be open and available to evening skiers.

Weekend access to the chalet will require that we control the number of people in the chalet. Members will need to get in the habit of minimizing their time in the chalet, so that others may gear-up and go. We are still working out if and how we can accommodate Day-Pass skiers, and Equipment Rentals…these revenues are important to keeping our membership prices down and our trail maintenance “up.” But we won’t compromise Members’ safety, so Day-Pass and Rental access will be evolving over time and if it can’t be done safely, we won’t do it.

We will be renting 2 portalets in November and these will be available, regardless of the chalet open/closed status, throughout the season.



After giving it careful consideration, we regret to announce that the 2020 Snowflake Ski Swap is cancelled. There’s no prudent way to hold the event inside the chalet. We are looking at a way to connect skiers who want to sell/buy gear through our website. More to come on that.


We are still planning to conduct the Snowflake Kidski* program during January/February 2021. The program will be restructured to comply with health mandates and common sense. Smaller groups, group dispersal and separation, and very limited access to the chalet are guiding our plans. There will have to be a cap on total participation, and parents will have to accept that they can’t follow their kids’ group or hang-out inside the chalet. To us, it is important that an entire ski season of learning and experience not be lost to our kids, so we will adapt and get it done. And keep it fun. Registration forms and an overview of the KidSki* 2021 program will be available by December 1st.