KidSki 2020!

Snowflake KidSki Program 2020! Snowflake has hosted a Kids’ Ski program for 25 years, and we invite beginning skiers to participate in Snowflake KidSki 2020, beginning at 1:30 on Sunday, January 5, continuing each Sunday through February 9th. Each class will begin at 2:00 and end at 3:30. Continuing a ┬álong-established model, KidSki is intended

Snowflake 2018/19 Season News & Update

First, the exciting, breaking news! Effective on Thursday, November 1st, Duluth Nordic Ski Club (DNSC) has entered into an agreement with Tischer Creek Duluth Building Company, the new property owner, which promises to preserve Snowflake Nordic Ski Center well into the future. Some background: Tischer Creek Duluth Building Company (Tischer Creek) is the entity that

Snowflake 2017/18 Season News & Update

This wet Spring and Summer have challenged our trail maintenance, but as Ski Season nears, 99% of our trails have been cleared, mowed, and widened, rocks have been removed, and the bridges over low-spots have been repaired or rebuilt. The remaining 1% will be cleaned and cut when the ground freezes. We will be ready