Bad News!

Some Jerk has broken into a car in the lower parking lot and was scared away while attempting to rob another. Do not leave valuables in your car, lock your car, and park in the upper lots at night. The suspect vehicle is a grey SUV with last three plate numbers 541. Stay alert!

Ski Rental and Trail Status Update

Due to the Covid-based closure of the chalet, we are not able to rent ski equipment at this time. We update trail status whenever we groom and when conditions change between groomings. The most timely info is posted in the following order: 1. Chalet Phone Message: 218-726-1550 2. Instagram: @snowflakeduluth 3. (NE MN) With

Snowflake KidSki 2021 Update

I apologize for the delay in getting KidSki 2021 organized and sign-ups available. The Governor’s orders regarding Covid / Public Health protocols of 18 November pushed my timeline to “down the road”, and we have been awaiting the policy update of this week. To illuminate how this affects KidSki, consider that building closures or occupancy

Virtual 2021 Birkie At Snowflake

Skiers participating in the 2021 Birkie, Kortie, and Prince Haakon events are aware that the Birkebeiner organization is allowing (perhaps encouraging?) participants to complete the events “Virtually” this year. DNSC/Snowflake would like to host your “Virtual Birkie,” and we are in the early stages of planning how to do it. At this point, we would


WILL THERE BE A 2020/21 SKI SEASON? Absolutely, Yes! We have been maintaining and improving the trails since June, and will complete the last milestones in pre-season preparation by the end of October. Gotta be ready for a Halloween snowstorm! After that, we wait for Mother Nature’s gift, though I’d prefer she not send 21


Snowflake is very thankful for last year’s long season, and for the forecast winter to come. Special thanks to some folks, businesses, and organizations that keep us going: Jim Wood, Chief of Trails and my sidekick for any and all work; Randy Baumgardner, who keeps our driveway and parking lots plowed; Tischer Creek Duluth/Edison Schools

Last Week For Early Bird Pricing!

A reminder that “Early Bird” Discount Pricing for 2019/20 Season Passes will end on Saturday, November 30th! Take advantage of this juicy savings by getting your application and payment in the mail by Saturday: Envelopes postmarked by Saturday will be fine. Envelopes may also be dropped through the slot in the Camping Registration box, at