We have received feedback, both pro and con, regarding the “New Dog Policy.” We appreciate and have read and considered all commentary.

Keeping dogs on a leash/harness while skiing has been the dominant complaint. We understand the challenge this might impose, especially on Classic skiers, so we are removing that requirement from the policy.

The “New Dog Policy,” Revision #2 is as follows:

  • Only Season Pass Members may bring their dog to Snowflake.
  • A Member-Skier may bring 1 dog on the trail at a time. The exception is a skier who is skijoring with 2 dogs in harness.
  • Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday are “Dog Days.”
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are “No Dog Days.” 

 As always, dogs may be restricted or prohibited when weather, trail conditions, or event preparations dictate in order to preserve the trails for skiers.

Bear in mind that the leash/harness rule was a response to loose dogs interfering with (and knocking-down) other skiers. The compromise is that Member Dog Owners control their dogs on the trail and, if you encounter a Member Dog Owner who is not controlling their dog, educate them.