Snowflake 2017/18 Season News & Update

This wet Spring and Summer have challenged our trail maintenance, but as Ski Season nears, 99% of our trails have been cleared, mowed, and widened, rocks have been removed, and the bridges over low-spots have been repaired or rebuilt. The remaining 1% will be cleaned and cut when the ground freezes. We will be ready

Snowflake Contact Information

Hope you’re excited for another SUPER SNOWFLAKE SEASON! Contact information: Snowflake Telephone Number (218) 726 – 1550  (Trail Report and/or leave a message) Address: 4348 Rice Lake Rd Duluth, MN 55811 John Graham (Manager): (218) 355 – 1271 Eric Watson (Biathlon):   (218) 269 – 0931 instagram: @snowflakeduluth facebook: Snowflake Nordic Ski Center twitter: